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DD BasicShade

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DD Basic Shade – One liquid for all zirconia variants
(for DD Bio Z, DD Bio ZX² and DD cubeX²®)


DD Basic Shade was developed with particular attention to fast, simple reproduction of tooth colours. We offer you the ideal basis for individualising your monolithic as well as veneered work with the DD BasicShade dyes. If you want to offer a true, all-ceramic alternative to non-precious dental alloys, efficient lab work is crucial. With the DD BasicShades, we offer you the perfect dyeing liquid for all zirconia variants. A simple and precise way to get the tooth colour you want. The one-for-all coloring liquid system, which is adapting to your lab workflow and not vice versa.


  • Available in 16 VITA®* dentine colors as well as incisals and effect colors
  • The classic liquid (prior DD Bio ZX² monolith zero)
  • Universal for DD Bio Z, DD Bio ZX², DD cubeX²®
  • Lower chroma – reduced reddish shade
  • Natural colour blending through the use of incisal and effect liquids
  • Coloring liquid for use with white zirconium millong blanks.



The classic liquid (prior DD Bio ZX² monolith zero) creates the base shade, which leaves room for aesthetic characterisation. It is optimized for the individual stain and glaze technique, cut backs and structures for the layering with porcelain.



Dentine liquids allow for outstanding color reproduction of the 16 VITA®* classic dentine shades. You can use the the painting- as well as the dipping-technique. With the painting technique, different colors and shades can be applied to the framework.