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DD ProShade C

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DD ProShadeC – Coloring Liquid Especially for DD CubeX²®


The appearance and effect of color is one of the basic natural scientific principles. However, reproduction of desired shades is also one of the greatest challenges in routine laboratory work. With the combination of DD cubeX2®, DD Pro Shade C and DD Art Elements, you will master the illusion of light dynamics and create highly aesthetic monolithic prostheses in no time. The emphasis of our development work was shade optimisation as well as the alignment of the chroma to the material-specific translucency of the DD cubeX2®. With DD Pro Shade C monolithic prostheses become masterpieces in no time. By reducing grey-colored pigments, DD Pro Shade captivates with warm shades and high color saturation by maintaining the Vita® shade standart. Therefore, it is ideal for efficient production of aesthetic monolithic restorations.


  • Available in 16 VITA®* dentine colors as well as incisals and effect colors
  • To be perfectly dyed in the desired tooth colour before sintering
  • Warm colors
  • Higher color saturation (chroma)
  • Optimized for the specific translucency of DD cubeX²
  • Superior monolithic restorations can be realised by simple glazing
  • Natural colour blending through the use of incisal and effect liquids


Coloring liquid for use with white zirconium millong blanks.



Dentine liquids allow for outstanding color reproduction of the 16 VITA®* classic dentine shades. You can use the the painting, as well as the dipping, technique. With the painting technique, different colors and shades can be applied to the framework.